Angry pit master slaps woman with hot brisket at Kentucky festival

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015
A pit master is seen slicing brisket in this photo from Friday, Jan. 2, 2015.
ktrk-AP Photo/Rex C. Curry

LEXINGTON, KY (KTRK) -- A barbecue pit master faces serious charges after police say he slapped a woman with a hot brisket.

It happened at a barbecue cook-off in Danville, Kentucky when police say Mike Owings, 42, began arguing with another pit master over the sharing of a cooker. During the argument, Owings apparently became so enraged, he took the brisket out of the cooker and hurled it.

The hot piece of meat then struck Mary Berry, 35, in the right shoulder, neck and head. The brisket was estimated to be between 200-250 degrees.

Berry, who was not a part of the argument, was treated for her injuries on scene.

Officers say Owings admitted to throwing the meat, but says he "didn't mean for anyone to get hurt." He was arrested on second-degree wanton endangerment charges.