Viral potty-trained pigeon lives lavish life in New York City

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Friday, March 15, 2024
Viral potty-trained pigeon lives lavish life in New York City
"New York's most famous pigeon," Pidge, is living her best life in a series of viral funny animal videos on TikTok.

NEW YORK -- A little bird that fell out of the nest now has a mama showing her where to go... to the bathroom.

A pigeon and her owner are capturing the attention of millions on TikTok with their New York adventures, and their adorable relationship.

Abby Jardine found the baby pigeon all alone on the street last summer.

She immediately called a local wildlife rescue, who told her the baby bird was definitely too young to be out of the nest.

They offered to bring Pidge to a rescue shelter, but after spending some time with the bird, Jardine couldn't let her go.

"Probably within 15 minutes, she was snuggling me and looking really cute, and I couldn't get rid of her," Jardine told ABC News.

Now, Jardine and Pidge's relationship has gone viral.

In a series of TikTok videos, Pidge can be seen with her head peeking out of Jardine's purse as they stroll around the neighborhood.

"She's sort of a blend between a cat and a dog, but she's weirder. And she flies," Jardine said.

Jardine and Pidge go on walks together, take trips together and she has even taught the bird how to use the toilet.

"I can hold her over a toilet and she'll just go to the bathroom," she said.

You can find more videos of Pidge on Jardine's TikTok, @abby_nyc_.