Legendary Love Stories Inspired by the City of Brotherly Love

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Monday, July 19, 2021
Legendary Love Stories Inspired By Philadelphia
From a pair of love birds who love birds to a couple with the secret to a lasting marriage, Localish Legends celebrates legendary tales of love from across America!

PHILADELPHIA -- This week on Localish Legends, we're featuring stories about LOVE, and what better place to do that than from the legendary City of Brotherly Love itself, Philadelphia.

We start our romantic journey at a bar in Philly, but not just any bar. McGillin's Olde Ale has literally written the book on love and is a magical spot where hundreds of couples have met the love of their lives. Then, we head to Illinois to meet a couple of love birds whose passion for rescuing birds gave their relationship wings. And finally, we'll meet a pair of centenarians who share their secret to everlasting love.

All that and more coming up on this love-filled episode of Localish Legends!