Family wants answers after police allegedly shot their dog and fired several rounds into home

OHIO (KTRK) -- A family in Ohio is demanding answers after police fired shots into their home, hitting and wounding their family dog.

The incident happened after a neighbor called police about a dog chasing someone down the street.

The dog was reportedly back on the porch once officers arrived, but that didn't stop them from opening fire.

"The dog is a family dog, it's people in the f**ing house," the dog's owner Laurene Walker said.

A video was taken after the police shot at the family's dog, and inside the home.

"Me and my brother heard them together, and then he pushed me down. I started yelling at him like 'go downstairs, get Bailey, get Anilayh and bring them up here,'" Walker said.

Walker says she realized the police were shooting at her 5-year-old dog, Neo.

"I really thought my dog was dead until I ran to her and she climbed in my lap," Walker said.

The cane corso was shot in the leg, but is expected to be okay.

Walker wants to know why police were shooting into a home with five kids and two adults inside.

"Why would you let off that many shots into an occupied home? You see cars in the driveway, you see toys all across the yard," Walker said.

Walker believes the police shot at her dog more than a dozen times, but only hit her once.

Police have not responded to a request for comment.
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