Dog found frozen-to-death on porch

TOLEDO, Ohio (KTRK) -- Cruelty investigators are pursuing charges against a homeowner after they found a dog frozen-to-death on a porch.

According to Stephen Heaven, President/CEO of the Toledo Area Humane Society, officers found the female dog curled up outside the home, frozen and dead. A neighbor had called the authorities, but it was too late.

"It looks as if she had been attempting to get under a blanket or the blanket had blown off," Heaven said.

Investigators say there was also a kennel, but the dog did not have access to it.

The Humane Society's cruelty division has launched an investigation.

"It's a very needless death," Heaven told WTVG. "Once we make contact with the owner, we'll probably be filing cruelty charges with them."

Investigators also found another dog inside the home, malnourished and shivering. The humane society took the animal to its shelter where he is doing well.

The dogs' owner says he was living at a different house, but stopped by to feed the pets and is unsure how the one dog got out.

The case, however, is a reminder of how dangerous extreme cold can be for pets.

"The dangers of cold weather to people's pets are similar to the dangers to people that are outside for a long time," Dr. Sarah Anderson, associate veterinarian, MedVet Toledo, said.

She says, while some dogs can handle the winter temps better than others, in extreme conditions, cats and dogs should limit time outside.

"As a general rule in cold weather, it's advised that shorter is better," Dr. Anderson said. "This sort of cold weather should be avoided at all costs."

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