Cypress pet rehab has underwater treadmills for dogs

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- If you think your dog may need a little time at the gym, head over to Wonder Pet Rehab and Recovery in Cypress.

Dr. Jennifer Hennessey opened the center last year after realizing many of the dogs that were coming into her Animal ER needed physical therapy.

"Immobilization and living in a cage are not good for anybody, animal or people, so we're able to really get them out and playing," said Dr. Hennessey.

Most of her patients are either recovering from surgery or needing to lose weight.

Some dogs train in warm water for safety purposes.

"A lot of times, if they're injured, they are going to protect the area they're worried about hurting and here they learn to re-trust that area and actually use it, which they won't do on the ground," Dr. Hennessey explained.

But for most dogs, the best part of the work-out is the massage and laser treatment at the end.

"We haven't had one yet who doesn't find this to be the favorite part of their spa day," she said, "because they get so comfortable from the warmth of the light that there is no pain at all."

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