Group hopes to shift Baytown animal shelter to 'no kill'

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- Sammy is just four months old, but he's been through a lot in his young life.

"Sammy was found by an animal control officer in Baytown, hanging out by a dumpster," explained Magan Gonzales, his new foster mother. "His back is broken."

Sammy couldn't move his back legs, but after a lot of medical attention and love, he can now walk and play.

"When we took Sammy to the vet and were told to euthanize him, I lost it," Gonzales said in tears.

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About 30 dogs and 30 cats are currently available for adoption at the Baytown Animal Control and Adoption Center.

Gonzales and others are part of a non-profit called "A Life to Live."

They work with Baytown Animal Control and Adoption Center, fostering animals until they're healthy enough to be fixed, vaccinated, and eventually adopted.

The Baytown shelter currently has about 30 dogs and 30 cats, and doesn't have room for all of them.

"We have too many and we don't want to get in a spot where we have to euthanize animals just for space," explained Tim Hill, the manager of Baytown Animal Control. "There are plenty of people out there that need an animal, these animals need a home."

"They need people to step up and be the saviors, the superheroes of those animals," said foster mother Tearsa Smesny. "Instead of taking them and dumping them off in shelters, why don't we fix the problem? Be a part of the solution!"

If you'd like to foster or adopt an animal, visit

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