Baytown vineyard devastated by Hurricane Harvey ready to serve your next glass of wine

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- Lena and David Yepez were both born and raised in Baytown.

So when they decided to open a vineyard, they knew it had to be here.

"We are very family-oriented people and they are involved in every aspect of our lives," Lena explained.

The family bought the property back in 2005 and started producing wine just three years later.

Yepez Vineyard is now a popular spot for families.

Most guests never even realized that it's possible to manufacture wine in Baytown.

"Because the water table is so high here, it gives them water," said David. "I haven't watered them in 12 years. The drier the better."

Just two years ago, Hurricane Harvey devastated the vineyard and brought more than a foot and a half of water inside the tasting room and cellar.

"We had probably 50 people here helping us tear up everything," said David. "One of the couples actually was going to have a wedding here."

That couple was Marcia and Ray Hodge.

Their wedding went on as scheduled, less than a month after the winery was destroyed.

"It was almost like the start of knowing that everything was going to get better eventually," said Marcia. "This place had completely been revamped, revitalized. It was kind of just a sign of what was to come as far as recovery goes."

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