Race to your next weekend adventure at Pearland BMX

PEARLAND, TX (KTRK) -- Looking for your next family adventure? Race on over to Pearland BMX. As the only operating BMX track in the Houston area, the track is sure to sure to satisfy any adrenaline junkie in your household!

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With 6,000 cubic yards of dirt, this 1,070 foot-long track allows anyone of any experience level to go off-road. Pearland BMX races all its participants based on their age and proficiency. It divides racers into categories from novice to expert.

On the track, Pearland BMX challenges riders from two years old to seventy five years young!

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Get the whole family involved in the sport - while the kids race, parents can be the pit crew!

"It's all about making sure the kids have a good time, that the kids have a good, safe place to ride," said track manager, Edwards Dorrian.

Some families travel to take part in large competitions as a team. Together, families have an excuse to spend time with one another and bond over this intense sport!

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