Police: Woman posed as escort service to rob men in Pasadena

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Thursday, April 23, 2015
Both Selene Canales, 29, and Melissa Renee Guerrero, 36, are charged with theft and evading.

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- Two women who placed ads for an escort service are accused of robbing men who solicit their services.

Police say the women posted ads titled 'Early Morning Loving' in escort services sections. Detectives responded to the ads and arranged for the suspects to meet them at an undisclosed location.

While an undercover officer was talking to one of the suspects, the second suspect reportedly stole the $300 in cash and left.

A short time later, police say the suspect who had stayed in the room came up with an excuse to leave and walked out to her vehicle.

The suspects then fled, but were arrested a short time later.

Both Melissa Renee Guerrero, 36, and Selene Canales, 29, are charged with theft and evading.

Anyone with information regarding other victims in similar situations is encouraged to notify the Pasadena Police Department at 713-477-1221.

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