Parents accused of locking 18-year-old daughter in room for weeks at a time

A Georgia couple stands accused of holding their teen daughter captive in their upscale home.

Police in Pickens County say the 18-year-old was locked in her room for weeks at a time.

Janet and Neil Farrell are charged with child cruelty for what deputies call abuse of their now 18-year-old daughter Olivia.

They're also accused of keeping her locked in her own bedroom, sometimes with a bucket for a bathroom.

Investigators say they found surveillance cameras and microphones the parents used to watch her.

Olivia escaped the home Saturday and walked at least 15 miles until she reached Kayla Burgess's doorstep.

Burgess called the Pickens County Sheriff's Office.

"My fiancé had come running in and he said there's a girl that just walked up on our front porch, wanting some water and he asked for bottled water and I didn't have none so he went and got her a glass of ice water and I said well I'm going to go out here and check on her. It's weird someone just randomly walks up on your porch nowadays," Burgess said to WSB-TV.

The parents are charged with child cruelty for abuse that happened before their daughter turned 18, as well as false imprisonment.

"I hope she finds peace and I hope she gets the help that she needs and gets to go on with her life," Burgess said.