Cute, tiny owl found in Rockefeller Christmas tree

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Thursday, November 19, 2020
Small owl discovered in Rockefeller Christmas tree
The little owl has since been appropriately renamed Rockefeller as it receives the TLC needed to recover.

NEW YORK -- A small owl is receiving the TLC it needs after it was discovered in the Rockefeller Christmas tree this week.

Officials at Ravensbeared Wildlife Center said they received a call about the bird on Monday morning.

A woman said her husband, who works for the company that transports and secures the 75-foot Norway spruce, found the owl.

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AccuWeather takes us back to New York City in 1931 when the first Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was erected.

The wildlife center says the bird is a saw-whet owl, which is one of the smallest owls in the Northeast.

Despite its size, they say it is actually full-grown.

The bird received fluids and was treated to all the mice it wanted after it had gone three days without eating or drinking anything.

"So far, so good. His eyes are bright and seems relatively in good condition with all he's been through," the wildlife center wrote. "Once he checks in with the vet and gets a clean bill of health, he'll be released to continue on his wild and wonderful journey."

The little owl has since been renamed Rockefeller.

The Rockefeller Christmas tree arrived in New York City Saturday from Oneonta, in central New York.

The tree will be decorated over the coming weeks, and its more than 5 miles of lights will be illuminated at a ceremony at 7 p.m. Dec. 2. No in-person spectators will be allowed this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.