Woman says she was arrested during MS episode, mistaken for DWI

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Friday, December 23, 2016
Woman says she was arrested during MS episode, mistaken for DWI

ROSENBERG, TX (KTRK) -- A Rosenberg woman was arrested during a multiple sclerosis episode, mistaken by police for DWI, she said.

She spent three days in jail and faced felony charges.

Christie Lietzau takes prescribed medicines to manage the disease, but had a flareup, she said.

Her daughter called 911 while she drove her to a fast food restaurant Friday, police said.

The daughter said she told police her mom has MS and was having an episode. Police told her she was impaired and arrested her.

"They just assumed since my speech was slurred and I was unstable that I was impaired and that's not fair," Lietzau said.

Lietzau claims she wasn't given any field or blood tests but Rosenberg Police stands behind the arresting officers actions, saying they followed policies and procedures.

"According to the officer I spoke to, she never mentioned anything about the lady not being able to speak," said Lt. Tracie Dunn of the Rosenberg Police Department. "Apparently they had a conversation and she was able to sign consent for a blood test."

They say they drew blood from Lietzau and the charges stem from allegations of being under the influence of a certain amount of prescription drugs.

Lietzau claims she took only the prescribed medicines in the amounts she always takes. Rosenberg Police say blood tests will take a few weeks.