Tour guide's racist rant through SF's Chinatown

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- It was the tour bus ride no one will ever forget. Not the riders nor the people walking by. San Francisco city leaders are speaking out about the racist rant from a tour guide as the bus rolled through Chinatown.

The video posted on YouTube Tuesday by a German tourist shows a guide on a double decker tour bus going on a racist rant as the bus cruises through Chinatown.
ABC7 News has confirmed the tour company is City Sightseeing Tours of San Francisco.

Throughout the video, the guide is drinking from a bottle in her hand. The woman drops the F-bomb every other word and slams Chinatown's people, food, parades-- basically everything about the neighborhood. Then, at the end of the rant, you can hear people on the bus applauding.

The person who posted the video said it was the guide's last day on the job.

The tour company did not make anyone available to speak to ABC7 News when we reached out to them Thursday morning. But off-camera, an employee told me that guide doesn't represent the many men and women who work at City Sightseeing.

Supervisor David Chiu released a statement demanding an apology from the company. He called the remarks offensive, racist and hurtful.
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