Florida teacher caught on camera kissing student fired

BOCA RATON, Florida (KTRK) -- Officials in Florida released video that they said shows a teacher kissing a young student on the lips, WPEC-TV reports.

The teacher was fired and pleaded guilty to a battery charge. His lawyer said he plans to pursue his teaching career at a different school. Some are concerned that neither his firing nor guilty plea alone appear to be enough to revoke his teaching certificate.

Somerset Academy terminated Brian Kornbluth after allegations surfaced that he was kissing students.

A spokeswoman for the school said when the principal saw a video tape, there was no discussion; Kornbluth was out.

Prosecutors charged Kornbluth with two counts of battery. One count involved kissing a boy, the other involved kissing a girl. Kornbluth entered a guilty plea for the boy and the prosecution dropped the second charge, so it never went to trial. A judge sentenced the teacher to a year probation.

Kornbluth's professional teacher's certificate is still available on the Department of Education's website. His probation does not restrict him from being a teacher. He could apply to any district or any school he chooses. In order for his teaching certificate to be taken away, the Department of Education would have to launch their own investigation.

After the investigation, the DOE could do nothing or, at most, it could take away his teaching credentials.

Kornbluth's attorney said the story is much more complicated than meets the eye because of the relationship had outside of the school with the victims' family.

"My client was a caretaker for these children outside of the school," said attorney Kristine Rosendahl.

She went on to say the tape shows nothing salacious and that the media took this story out of context. She feels that the court of public opinion is against Kornbluth, which is why he took a plea instead of bringing this to trial.

The State's Attorney's Office said they are still investigating the teacher.

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