Stranger helps struggling mom fix door-less minivan

MUSKEGON, MI (KTRK) -- A Michigan mom whose minivan became the subject of internet bullying got some much needed help thanks to the generosity of a stranger.

Photos of the minivan have become many mean memes, with people poking fun at it because it's missing a door.

It belongs Amanda Maxfield, a mother of 5 who told WXMI-TV that for more than a year people have been taking pictures and video of it and making fun of her.

In reality, the van was missing its door because she couldn't afford the repairs.

James Barber, a stranger who posted a much kinder note than most, stepped in and offered to help.

"A co-worker said get a hold of him, he's willing to help you. I got a hold of him and everything he offered. I just cried," says Maxfield.

Barber made good on his promise and helped purchase a new door for Maxfield's ride.

"You don't beat somebody when they are down on the ground like that," Barber told WXMI-TV. "Instead, when someone is down like that, instead of looking down on them, you know, try to help them out."

Maxfield says for all of the cruelty, she's blown away by his kindness and hopes one day she too can pay it forward.

"I could not believe that somebody out of the kindness of their heart would help someone like that they don't even know," said Maxfield.

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