Robbery suspects captured after hours-long search inside Budweiser plant in NE Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Three suspects were captured after police spent hours Friday afternoon searching the Budweiser plant in northeast Houston, where the suspects were hiding.

Police say three suspects held up customers at a Burger King and fled the scene. They bailed out of their stolen getaway car in a ditch along I-10 before running into the beer plant. One suspect was captured early on, but the other two eluded police for hours in the triple-digit heat.

Officers scoured the huge plant property, with 4.2 million square feet stretching between I-10/I-610 and Market.

Workers were held in areas during the search, and were finally allowed to leave in supervised groups at about 5pm. Delivery trucks continued to leave the plant with products during the search.

After hours in the sweltering heat, the two suspects dashed across I-10 and tried hiding at other nearby businesses. Police officers followed and quickly apprehended two males, pulling one from his hiding place behind an air conditioning unit at the Stewart and Stevenson plant.
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