Lack of parental supervision blamed for laundromat accident

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- Pasadena police are calling an incident that left a five-year-old girl stuck in side a washing machine a 'freak accident.'

It happened at Le's Washeteria around 6:15pm Tuesday in the 2400 block of Southmore.

It's unclear how the five-year-old girl got in but police say her friend spotted her pink blouse inside the machine and alerted employees. That employee quickly ran to a breaker box and shut it off.

Authorities believe the girl was in there for about 30 seconds before being pulled out. She began coughing and spitting up blood and was taken to Memorial Hermann via Life Flight, but officials don't suspect she suffered any life threatening injuries.

"The kids are always running around they don't listen they don't care, the parents are always sitting on the cellular and the kids are running and running and running," said Maria Romero, a long time customer. "I feel sorry for the little kid but it's their parents' fault, our fault"

Customers we talked to say there are plenty of signs warning parents and children to be careful. And they hope the accident will serve as the best reminder to finally pay attention to the signs.

"It's a warning for everybody. You know we talk about safety in our jobs but I think safety needs to be everywhere."

Police say no charges are expected to be filed in the case.
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