Police: 6-year-old boy watched dad overdose on heroin

CINCINNATI, OH (KTRK) -- Police in Cincinnati had a busy night investigating at least 20 overdoses across the city's west side.

In one incident, a six-year-old boy was in the parking lot of a Shell gas station when his father overdosed inside their vehicle.

Officers said the little boy was hysterical, jumping all over his dad in an attempt to wake him up.

Someone who had stopped at the gas station saw the boy and called 911 for help.

"I pretty much knew. It was everywhere," witness Jeff Hennessey says. "I mean I pretty much knew. It looked like he was overdosed on drugs."

Hennessey says he tried pouring water on the man to wake him up.

Joyce Alexander says she was moved to tears as she tried speaking to the boy.

"I got him calmed down, gave him a toy to play with, and he said his mom's in jail and he lives with his grandma," Alexander says. "It's sad."

Investigators say each person who overdosed survived after being revived with the treatment Narcan.

Most of the overdoses happened between 7 and 9pm Tuesday.

Police believe a potent batch of heroin may be to blame for the overdoses, but are still investigating for a possible link.

About 75 miles away in Jennings County, 11 more overdoses were also reported.
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