Pit bull attack victims recall vicious attacks

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Two pit bulls responsible for two vicious human attacks have been euthanized, city animal control official said Wednesday.

The victims of the pit bull attacks said the dogs attacked them from behind.

"I'm crying. Anybody help me. Nobody helps me," said victim Amber Javed, 31. "Both were biting. They never leave me."

Javed said she fell down to the ground. The two pit bulls clamped down on her leg and they wouldn't let go. She said she tried to punch the dogs, kicked, screamed and prayed.

"I'm thinking, today is last day of my life. I pray my God. Please forgive me," said Javed.

Javed said the pit bulls let go of her leg to tear apart her arm. She said she felt like she was being eaten alive.

"I worry about my babies, who will take care of my baby whenever I die," said Javed who said she has a 7-month old child.

A neighbor was able to fend off the angry dogs with a broom. Javed was released from the hospital early Wednesday morning. She has about 70 metal staples holding part of her arm and leg together.

The dogs were also responsible for a second attack just minutes later.

"It was unbearable when he bit me that time," said Ziya Pirani, 12, who was also attacked on both her legs. "I just shouted very badly so someone could come and help me."

And someone did. A neighbor last night showed us the cricket bat he used to beat the dogs off Pirani.

The two pit bulls were seized on Wednesday. The owners were issued several citations.

"It's actually another example of irresponsibility on the owners' part. It's not necessarily the breed of the dog, it's the owner," said city animal control official Jarrad Mears.

Mears said the dogs have been euthanized and will be sent for rabies testing.
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