Newborn safe after her mother is killed; Woman suspected of crime

GARY, IN -- An Indiana woman was found dead inside a Gary home after she disappeared earlier this month with her baby daughter, police say.

The little girl is safe and police said they may know who killed her mother, but arresting the suspect will not be that simple.

Authorities in Gary are trying to piece together why Samantha Fleming was kidnapped and killed. It is a story with a strange twist.

Police said a woman living inside a home in the 1900-block of Cleveland Street allegedly posed as an investigator with the Department of Child Services and convinced Fleming, 23, they had to meet.

Police say the suspect lured the young mother and her 17-day-old daughter Serenity. She then allegedly stabbed Fleming multiple times, killing her, wrapped her body in plastic and put it in a storage bin.

The suspect told many neighbors she was pregnant with twins.

"She said she was going to have twins and that they were going to be coming in March," said Gilbert McDaniel. "And after I never saw the babies or never really saw her. Then I started becoming a little suspicious as to what was going on."

Fleming was reported missing by her 21-year-old boyfriend. There was a heartfelt note left on the door of the apartment the two shared in Anderson, Ind.

During the search, authorities found items belonging to Fleming in a dumpster in Gary and were able to better pinpoint her location because of watchful neighbors and a cellphone trace.

"They had pinged the person's cell phone in our area and officers went to the location in the 1900-block of Cleveland, with Anderson detectives. And at that location they discovered a body in the residence, a female that was later identified as the missing person, Samantha Fleming," said Lt. Thomas Pawlek, Gary Police Department.

Police say the alleged suspect left the newborn with her sister and took off to Texas to see her mother. She is now hospitalized, being treated for depression while police determine if she was ever pregnant.

Neighbors are in disbelief.

"Someone that would go out of their way to kidnap and harm and kill someone over a child is devastating news," said area resident Krystal Clark.

The baby is healthy and is now with relatives. No charges have been filed.

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