Nanny attacked walking with children in the Heights

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Donovan Park is the perfect place to enjoy this week's wonderful weather, but when James Wiersma's nanny, Gloria Carranza, took his two little ones for a morning of fun, she was robbed.

"You come home and hug your family and it calms you down a little bit, but obviously you want to do more," Wiersma said.

Carranza explained to us how she kept her purse with her, but had her car window busted out anyway. The thief approached her after she arrived at her car, tearing her bag from her shoulder as she put one of the children in her vehicle.

"From our perspective she did everything right. She made herself less of a target by taking her things with her," said Harris County Constable Alan Rosen.

He calls this a crime of opportunity.

"Coming out of a park, or a football venue, a club you really have to scan the area; look around so you're not an easy target for somebody," Rosen said.

Carranza's friend and fellow nanny, Lucy Esparza says she'll be stricter than ever about safety.

"It's better to go in groups, like four nannies, so we all know what's going on around us," Esparza said.

The Constable's Office says this is an open investigation, and they'll be checking to see if this matches any other crimes in the area. The robber got away in a grey Chevy Malibu with paper plates.
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