Mom group protests removal of gun sign at Houston Zoo

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- About 30 protesters gathered outside the Houston Zoo Saturday morning, upset by the zoo's recent decision to remove a sign informing concealed handgun owners they could not bring their guns into the park.

The protest was spearheaded by the local chapter of "Moms Demand Action, a group geared towards addressing gun violence in our nation.

"The zoo is one of those spots where we bring our child and we would like to know she doesn't have to worry about standing next to a man with a gun," said Erin Bergeron, who was there with her six year old daughter.

"I have six grandchildren and none of them want to go to the zoo where there are guns!" Mary Tegtmeier said.

In a statement, the zoo says the city asked the zoo stop banning guns. The zoo is operated independently, but sits on land owned by the city.

"Moms were really upset and they were frankly outraged," said Stephanie Lundy.

Lundy is with the group "Moms Demand Action." They organized the rally. Lundy says they're not against guns, but think this isn't a safe decision.

"We all of the sudden have guns in our zoo. Despite what the zoo wants."

But some people feel better now that they can bring their gun with them. Like Jordan Harris, who was there with his wife and young nephew:

But some people feel better now that they can bring their gun with them.

"It's a family place, you want to protect your family," Harris said. "I like guns, so if I had the choice to carry a gun, and somebody were to open fire, I would be able to protect my wife."

In the statement from the zoo, they say they're "investigating the legal implications of the request.
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