Man gets card from family of driver that injured him

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- David Smith has come a long way since we last talked with him.

"I can get up, use my wheelchair," said Smith.

Now he can at least hold son Elijah and hug wife Laura. He was bedridden for days with a broken pelvis and fractured disks after an accused wrong-way driver struck him on the way to work April 9th around 5:30 in the morning.

Smith said, "I think about possibly who he could have been."

A walker and boot are progress and a cane is the next goal. "Next step is to start rehab soon and walk," said Smith.

It took 45 minutes for first responders to get him out of the car at I-45 southbound near 1960.

HCSO: Wrong way driver on I-45 causes fatal crash

The scaffolding builder says he won't ever be able to go back to that job, so the family has turned to their "Smith Family Recovery" page on GoFundMe to help pay the bills.

Doctors told Smith he's lucky to be alive. In many wrong way crashes it's not the innocent driver who lives to talk about it.

When asked what's kept him going through all of this, Smith responded, "God, my family's determination, my determination. Who wants to lie around in bed all day and not walk?"

And in many stories like this one, we only hear from the victim. But the family of Javier Mora felt otherwise. Smith and his wife came home one night to find a card stuffed in their front door. Inside a long, heartfelt note from the Mora family.

"That touched our heart bigtime, I can't imagine losing a son, or a daughter," said Smith.

The card read:
"Dear Mr. Smith, There are no words to express how terrible we feel about what has happened. We pray to God every day that he gives you health and strength. We'd just like to tell you that Javier Mora was a great father, son, brother and friend with a big kind of heart. He did not mean to cause harm to anyone. This was an accident that probably could have been prevented but unfortunately now it is too late. For that we deeply apologize on his behalf since he is not here with us anymore to do so because we know that is what he would have wanted. Please don't have any resentment towards him. Please find it in your heart to forgive him. We are praying you will be assured of God's love, presence and constant care as you regain your health and strength. You'll always be in our thoughts and prayers. May God Bless you and your family, sincerely Javier's family."

It is suspected Mora was somehow impaired during the crash.

"I'm glad I never made that mistake. People need to just be aware," said Smith.

But Smith says he has put all of that behind him and he would like to meet Mora's family one day soon.

"I do forgive him and we all just need to move on someway, somehow," said Smith.

Eyewitness News has tried to find the Mora family too. You can Tweet us or send a Facebook message if you'd like to connect with Smith.

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