Easy-breezy last minute shopping tips

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Sunday, December 18, 2016
Need more shopping ideas for Christmas? Fret no more.
Need more shopping ideas for Christmas? Fret no more.

For many of us, no matter how many times we resolve to get our holiday shopping done early, somehow, we're always left scrambling.

And Sunday marks one week until Christmas.

But last minute shoppers, fear not, here are some simple ways to be amazing at final Christmas shopping chores.

Connie Wang, with style website Refinery 29, says you can get it all done, but you must be organized.

"Come to the store with a list," Wang said. "You can end up buying way too much or the worst is you forget someone."

Now that you have a strategy, there are do's and don'ts as you go on your shopping blitz.

Fast and easy, but not great - don't go with the gift card, Wang said.

"It's money they can only spend in one place. Sometimes when I get mine I know that I've always thought, what are they trying to say about my lifestyle?"

What about your sister or BFF you want to cross off your list? Make your own beauty pack.

Start with an attractive cosmetics bag and make one high-end makeup item the centerpiece, allowing you to save some dough by filling out the rest with more affordable odds and ends.

Work buddies? Consider pretty and practical trays for their desk at work (play the video to see what we're talking about).

Your significant other still using the earbuds that came with their phone until they're frayed? You still have time to order a perfectly sturdy pair online for as little as ten dollars? But Wang says you can really send a message by splurging on deluxe brands that will be music to your loved ones ears.

"These ones are kind of top of the line, Masters & Dynamic. They're a fairly new brand. They make the best sounding headphones. These are a little pricey, they are $120-ish."

So your last-minute gifts can still be great ones - and have them rocking around the Christmas tree!