Lake Conroe homeowner says HOA caused huge sinkhole

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Lake Conroe homeowner says HOA caused huge sinkhole
Reporter Kaitlin McCulley talks with the homeowner on what went wrong.

LAKE CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- A homeowner who lives along Lake Conroe filed a lawsuit against her property owners' association, alleging their negligence contributed to the growing sinkhole that sits partially on her property.

Sue Horne moved to a home next to Lake Conroe in 2002, a peaceful escape from Houston city life.

"But since this has occurred, I hear rain falling and immediately I almost go into a panic mode because I'm wondering how much more of my property is going into Lake Conroe," Horne said.

Horne said the sinkhole saga started in 2015, that her pool lines broke, her patio foundation cracked and her yard sank by about 9 inches.

She said she contacted the Grand Harbor Property Owners Association and that they found the 24-inch drainage pipe next to her home had burst. She said they tried to cut corners in repairing it.

"They rented a backhoe, came in and ripped out the 24 inch drain pipe and put in a 36 inch drain pipe," Horne said, "Within a month after that happening, this is what we have."

No sturdy fencing blocks the sinkhole. Short metal stakes in the ground and orange plastic surround the area instead.

"I can't imagine a child or animal falling in there," Horne said.

Horne's lawsuit alleges the POA did not regularly inspect the 24-inch drainage pipe, promptly replace that pipe, hire competent contractors or promptly replace the improperly installed 36-inch drainage pipe.

Greg Holloway, the attorney representing Grand Harbor Property Owners Association, declined an interview with Eyewitness News because of the pending litigation.

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