Katy woman goes missing in the Carribean

Sunday, June 28, 2015
Houston woman goes missing while on vacation
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A Houston woman on vacation in the Carribean goes missing and her family wants answers

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A Katy woman on vacation in the Caribbean vanished Thursday during a snorkeling excursion off the island of Curacao.

"It was a lot of us," says S. Lee. "And we all didn't know each other. Some of us knew each other, and some of us didn't."

Lee tells us a group of about 20 people from the Houston area took a trip to Curacao this week. Amanda Waller and her husband Allan were part of that group. Thursday, Amanda went snorkeling with two friends.

"The other female, she's pregnant, she went back in to shore. She was tired and Amanda said she was coming right behind her," says Lee.

"When Matt got back from snorkeling, he said 'where's Amanda?' No one could find her," adds Terri Youngs. "No one ever saw her come back ashore. The last person that saw her was Matt and he said she signaled that she was coming back to shore."

Terri Youngs says this all happened within 20 minutes. And shortly after, search crews were in the water looking for Amanda Waller.

"At first we thought something happened in the water, maybe she caught a leg cramp. She's a strong swimmer, from what her husband says."

They went door to door handing out flyers hoping someone had seen something. But no luck. Waller's friends and family back in the states are hoping for any news.

"We're hoping she's found alive. But either way, I think her family deserves closure with knowing exactly what happened to her," Youngs exclaims.

Amanda Waller and her husband live in Katy. We're told she's from Baytown. Her father flew to Curacao to await news.

A Gofundme account has been set up to help the family.