Houston rapper wanted on charge of sexual assault of a child

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- He calls himself "Young Lefty," but police call the rapper a rapist. He's seen in a music video spitting out lyrics, taunting police.

"He actively refers to us the police and law enforcement and say, hey come get me. I don't really care, come get me," said Assistant District Attorney Daniel Werlinger.

Werlinger says this all stems from an incident back in October. Aldine Police say a 16 year-old Eisenhower student was walking to school.

"It was a pretty harsh winter that year. Approaches her and says hey where you off to? She says school. He offers her a ride to school," added Werlinger.

The girl got in the car, but never made it to school.

"What he does is he pulls into the back of an apartment complex and he proceeds to sexually assault her. He continues to sexually assault her until he's done with her. When he's done, he tells her to get out of the car," says Werlinger.

Police picked Calderon Texada up in September 2014, charging him with sexual assault on a minor. He bonded out of jail and even shows up to his court date in June of this year. Werlinger said he had solid evidence: DNA.

"That was the key to our case so I think he knew we had that evidence and he knew we were about to present it. It was the type of evidence he knew he couldn't defeat it, so the only choice was to run," he added.

When the judge called Texada's name, he wasn't anywhere to be found.

"This defendant says, hey he just told me he was going to the restroom and he'll be right back." said Werlinger. "He needs to come back. He can hide for as long as he wants to. Eventually law enforcement will find him."

His rap song is titled "Snitch." Police are hoping someone does just that.
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