Houston family continues fight to bring back man deported to El Salvador

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The family of man deported to El Salvador is getting the help of a U.S. Congressman.

Rose Escobar and her kids are American citizens, but her husband came to the U.S. illegally more than a decade ago. He was deported in March and Monday morning, they flew to El Salvador to reunite.

"We are living our happy American dream, and it was just ripped away. It's not fair," Rose said.

It's been more than three months since she last saw her husband Jose.

After coming to the U.S. illegally 16 years ago, he married Rose and had two children.

Rose said years ago, a deportation order was issued for Jose, but later he was granted deferred action. Jose was given a work permit and required to meet annually with immigration officials.

Then in February after his last meeting, Jose was arrested and deported.

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Jose Escobar, 31, was arrested on Feb. 22, after his annual check-in at an immigration office.

Congressman Al Green is now intervening, hoping Jose can come back to America.

"These children are citizens. His wife is a citizen. They have played by rules that we established and they now decide that we are going to rip this family apart," said Green.

Green is sending President Donald Trump a letter asking him to allow Jose to rejoin his family in Houston.

Before the family left Bush Intercontinental Airport for El Salvador, Green gave Rose an American flag flown over the Capital.

"It's been hard. I have been struggling being mom and dad. It is not an easy role. There are nights that I cry myself to sleep," said Rose.

Rose said they are waiting for an immigration judge to review the case, but they say as of now, Jose cannot return to the United States.

"When I come back, the fight will continue. I won't stop. This is an injustice. My family deserves to be together," Rose said.
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