Councilman says he received a threat in connection with murder-for-hire case

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston city councilman who helped police piece together evidence in an alleged murder-for-hire case now says he's receiving threats in connection with the case.

Councilman Michael Kubosh, who is also a bail bondsman, told police about a meeting with one of his clients in February. That information helped lead to charges against Leon Jacob and his girlfriend, prominent Houston veterinarian Valerie McDaniel, in alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Today, Kubosh told ABC13 that a mysterious caller to a district court on Thursday seemed to threaten him and other unnamed judges. A difficult to understand male voice reportedly wanted to discuss a "matter of life and death for the judges on the Michael Kubosh Jacob ... case." The call appeared to come from a motel on Hempstead.

Kubosh now says his family is worried for his safety.

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Both Jacob and McDaniel were charged with solicitation of murder. McDaniel committed suicide, jumping off the balcony of a River Oaks area high rise where she lived. Jacob remains in custody awaiting trial.

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The Harris County Sheriff's Office sent the following statement to ABC13:

"On Thursday, April 13, the Harris County Sheriff's Office received word from a judge in the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, that a male individual had phoned the office chambers and made disturbing and rambling remarks.
The Harris County Sheriff's Office began an investigation, and information was received on the whereabouts of that male individual's residence.
Investigators interviewed the subject and determined along with the judge that no criminal act had been committed.
The Harris County Sheriff's office Critical Incident Response Team conducted an evaluation on his mental state.
The male was cautioned from making any other communications with judicial officials."

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