Houston-area residents unite to honor slain Deputy Darren Goforth

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The support of law enforcement is being felt across the country in honor of slain Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth.

In a Pecan Grove neighborhood, front porches are lit by blue lights, and blue ribbons are wrapped around trees to let their neighbors who wear the badge know that they're behind them.

"Everybody out here just decided to start picking up blue bulbs and seeing to it that we support our officers. Because they protect us and they don't get the respect they need to get," says Mel Godbold.

Godbold says he and his wife, Claudia, had to drive 15 miles to find blue bulbs for their front porch. He got the last ones. The Godbold home is one of many in their neighborhood going blue.

"I'm excited about this, but it's such a small thing," says Claudia Godbold. "It's just the beginning of what needs to happen. But I'm glad. It's a start."

"I wish everybody would pray for people that defend us. God put them on Earth to defend us and look what's happening," says Mary Brown.

We spoke with Brown at a rally outside the La Porte Police Department that drew hundreds. The message there was simple: #wevegotyoursix.

"To let them know that we do have their back instead of coming up behind their back," says Joy Anton.

"I have my blue ribbon around my car. It's on my school bus. It's at the house," adds Kandi Gilmore.

"Every day they risk their lives and we just want to say thank you," says Monica Madison.

La Porte Police Chief Ken Adcox says watching officers lose their lives has taken its toll on officers everywhere. And Deputy Darren Goforth's murder hit close to home for his department.

"It's on their mind every day. The media continually plays videos of officers that are showing poor judgment or worse. It can't help but affect officers," Adcox said.

But knowing they have this kind of support, he says, is humbling. null
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