Friends of murder witness speak to Eyewitness News

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- As accused killer Jamie Walter sat in the Harris County jail this morning, family friends close to the prosecution's key witness spoke out to Eyewitness News.

Chuck Hasselback told us his step daughter became involved with Walter a while back. The two lived in the woods off Hempstead Road and disappeared for weeks at a time. Hasselback said he worried about his step daughter's safety. While disturbed by the accusations against Walter, Hasselback said he wasn't surprised to see Walter's face flashed across Houston television screens and standing accused of multiple murders.

"I think he did. Yeah," said Hasselback. "He's a violent person. He's a violent person."

Family friend Lisa Hosford told us she feels the same way. Hosford shared voicemails with abc13 which she claimed Walter constantly left on her phone.

"He was trying to convince me on the phone he wasn't a violent person. He was coming to get me. He was going to kill me because I said something about Rachel," said Hosford. "I got a couple voice messages from him saying he was coming after me because I had told Rachel off. I don't think he's right."

Hosford recalled how Hasselback's step daughter returned home months ago. She said the woman was frightened, worried about her safety, and even claimed Walter had committed a serious crime.

"Rachel told us they hit someone with a hammer, killed someone with a hammer back in this set of woods. In Rachel's mind, it gets twisted," said Hosford. "Reporter: She told you about the killing? Yeah, but I don't know if it's the same people."

Both Hasselback and Hosford said they do not know where the witness is staying. They have not seen her since a recent hospitalization.
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