Man accused of killing three homeless men in Houston faces judge

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A man accused of violently killing homeless men appeared inside a Harris County courtroom early today.

Jamie Walter, 27, stood as a judge read the capital murder charge against him. Houston detectives suspect Walter killed three people before putting their bodies in 55 gallon drums and burning them at a northwest Houston warehouse on Todd Street.

Walter appeared around 4:10am at probable cause court in downtown Houston. Prosecutors read the gruesome allegations against him. They said Walter actually led police to the bodies and tried to pin the crime on his wife and another person.

Jamie Walter, 27, faces capital murder charges in the deaths of at least three individuals found in a vacant property.

Prosecutors said further investigation revealed a different story. They said Walter's wife accused him of killing the men by hitting them with a hammer. She told investigators she watched in horror as the killings took place.

No potential motive on the killings was disclosed in open court. The judge held Walter on bond. The man, who has a criminal past, displayed very little emotion in the courtroom. He returned shortly after to the Harris County Jail.

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