Flyers Wives remodel home for mother of baby battling cancer

MAYFAIR, PA -- Michelle Placencia, her 9-month-old daughter Syrianna and her family walked into their newly remodeled home Sunday in Mayfair for the first time.

"I tell myself no matter where life leads you, be ready to get up and go because the hard times only last for a short time, but happiness is forever and this is our happiness," said Placencia.

The well-spoken teen needs a strong character and smart mind - her baby is battling cancer.

Little Syrianna is receiving chemotherapy treatments now, and you can only imagine the fight they have.

Well now she and her family have a beautiful place to rest their heads.

"This is spectacular. We just feel so special," said Placencia.

The new home and amazing day was made possible by three groups.

The Flyers Charities, Flyers Wives and Michaels Way Foundation.

"Syrianna is a beautiful 9-month-old baby and the family's spirit and the hope that they have and their generosity," said Linda Mantai, Flyers Charity. "They're happy!"

"Hopefully this is going to show her good things do happen, too. And she has a positive outlook and everyone is in support of them and it's just a really wonderful family," said Doreen Holmgren, Flyers Wives.

Chris McElwee founded Michaels Way and owns the construction company that did the work.

Just like Syrianna is battling cancer, McElwee's brother lost his fight against the disease when he was 25.

That's why he helps these families.

He knows how hard the journey can be, and seeing these tears and the joy Sunday, he knows how much this means.

"They're going through such a tough time right now, and to give them a big lift so they can just focus on getting their daughter well and having this beautiful home, it's just an amazing experience," said McElwee.
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