Family takes investigation of father's death into their own hands

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A family is taking on their own investigation into their father's death after he was hit by a car in February.

Houston police said Estanislao Reyes Chacon was not using a crosswalk when he was hit and killed at 2500 Broadway near Deady Middle School.

Kevin Chacon and his siblings were not satisfied with the report from officers about what happened.

"It just didn't sit right with us. So essentially, we felt like we weren't getting a complete story and we needed to complete that story ourselves," he said.

Family members said Chacon would never cross the busy road without using the crosswalk.

They believe he was dragged away from the crosswalk by the car that hit him. That driver stopped but was not charged for the incident.

The family created flyers searching for witnesses and said two have come forward who saw their father die. That raises the possibility a second car -- a white four-door sedan -- hit him and sped off after the initial car hit him.

"It was very hard to listen, obviously, because we found out what actually occurred," Chacon said.

Police said they only have evidence of one car being involved, but the investigation is still open.

"It's not going to bring our father back but at least it will bring some justice to the world," Chacon said.

Family members pass the spot where Chacon died often, adding to their determination to find out exactly what happened. They're asking anyone with information to reach out to Crime Stoppers. null
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