EXCLUSIVE: Man convicted of shooting cop apologizes

STAFFORD, Texas (KTRK) -- As he faces a 50-year sentence for shooting a former Stafford police officer twice, 25-year-old Sergio Rodriguez is now speaking about the attack and apologizing to that officer.

"At the end of the day, I knew what was right and what was wrong and I know I was in the wrong from the beginning," said Rodriguez.

He pleaded guilty Monday to the 2013 attack which left officer Ann Marie Carrizales with gunshot wounds to her face and chest.

After witnessing minor traffic violations, Carrizales pulled over the vehicle in which Rodriguez and two others had been riding. Rodriguez said they'd been on a crime spree, robbing at least 10 people at gunpoint.

"I knew at the time I was determined to get out the situation by all means, whatever I had to do," he said.

Rodriguez said he and the others in the car hastily agreed that whoever had the first chance to shoot the approaching police officer would do it.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Stafford police officer shot in chest, face

"I reached over from the passenger side to the back side and I shot at her. I found myself shooting at her," Rodriguez admitted. He said he fired all 17 rounds in his gun.

He hit Carrizales in the face and the chest. Somehow she survived and even helped chase him and the others down.

"I would express myself to her and I would be remorse [sic] and show her the remorseness [sic] in my face. I truly am sorry for having to try to kill her," Rodriguez explained.

He admitted he'd been running with a bad crowd. Just weeks prior, he'd shot and killed Carlos Sosa in what he describes as a botched robbery. For that, too, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 35 years.

"Who am I to take another individual's life? I'm...no better than the next man," he said of that encounter.

Rodriguez, who prosecutors say is not an American citizen, must serve at least half of his 50-year sentence before even the possibility of parole. If released, prosecutors say, he will be returned to his native Honduras.

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