EWW! Man caught urinating into Slingshot motorcycle parked in City Centre garage

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A west Houston man could not believe his eyes when he walked into a parking garage to find a man urinating into one of his sporty three-wheelers.

Sameer Khan, who owns Houston Slingshot Rental LLC, said he caught a man relieving himself into one of the seven Slingshots he and his wife rent out. It happened Monday night in a City Centre parking garage.

The sight was shocking.

"He was standing right here, with one leg on the seat and one leg out. Peeing all over the seat, everywhere," said Khan, who was afraid to get too close. "I didn't want to get pee on me."

When Khan confronted the man, he said he dropped to his knees but did not seem to regret what he had done or have a reason. Khan said the parking garage security officer called Houston police. They cited him for public urination and disorderly conduct. Khan recorded what he could for his own version of justice on social media.

"I wanted everyone to know what a sicko he is. If he has a girlfriend, I want her to know. I want his mom to know. I want his boss to know. That's disgusting," Khan said.

And before police let him go, Khan asked for another type of justice -- a quick wipe down as they all looked on.

"We wanted him to clean up the urine with his shirt," he added.

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