Drone disasters: popular toys causing injuries, crashes

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Sunday, December 11, 2016
Drone disasters: popular toys causing injuries, crashes
The popular toys are causing problems, but still expect to be a top hit this Christmas season.

Careful with those drones!

A crash or other accident can cause you legal trouble.

Two guests at a wedding recently learned the hard way just how dangerous they can be. Guests saw a drone hovering above the dance floor, but then it crashed into the crowd below.

Two guests claimed they left with concussions, cuts and fractures. So much pain, they decided to sue the groom and the wedding venue.

But those incidents aren't the only reports of high-profile incidents.

VIDEO: Drone footage of Houston flooding

See video captured by a drone of flooding across the Houston area (Courtesy: Bryan Rumbaugh)

In a video seen around the internet, an out-of-control drone slammed into an apartment building in Florida.

Cleveland pitcher Trevor Bauer was seen bleeding on the mound during a playoff game after his drone accident.

Singer Enrique Iglesias was cut by a propeller on stage during a packed concert.

With drone sales expected to double this holiday season, the FAA is again reminding drone owners to register and learn the regulations.

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