Construction snafu nearly leads to wrong-way building error

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- A new evidence storage building for the Pasadena Police Department seemed like a simple project -- a square structure, large enough to process vehicles used in crimes for evidence.

Instead, it's a reminder never to take anything for granted, especially in construction.

The projection was halted for about two weeks last month, in part because of the holidays. The rest was because a building inspector noticed something didn't look right, even while it was still being framed.

The problem is the large garage doors that would allow vehicles to be brought in and out, would have been installed on the wrong side of the building, according to the city's public works director.

It was a 90 degree mistake. If allowed to proceed, one of the doors would have been blocked off by landscaping.

The mistake is being called a "miscommunication" between the lead contractor and a sub-contractor.

Fortunately, it was quickly corrected. A new pair of steel beams has been installed -- on the proper side of the building.

Also fortunate for the city, those who mistakenly put the building entrance on the wrong side are responsible for correcting it.

The building was to have been completed next month. Public Works director Robin Green says the date may still hold.

But it's a warning, Green says, certainly to those having a home built, to stay on top of those doing the construction. "There's no such thing as a stupid question," he says. "They could do that to your house too."
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