Brussels terror attack survivor: "I feel very blessed"

BRUSSELS, Belgium (KTRK) -- Terror attack survivor Sheerine Naraghi is an American who was preparing to head back home to the U.S. when the deadly bombs exploded in the Brussels airport.

She spoke with "Good Morning America" about how she and her boyfriend, Jeff, survived with the help of airline employees.

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"The amazing American Airlines attendant, she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her underneath her counter," she said. "...She was good for me when she didn't have to be and she was very sweet because I wouldn't let go of Jeff's hand and he was trying to do the right thing to go see if it was safe for us to move because the one thing I know about safety is to stay in place, I guess, until you know things are OK, and I wouldn't let go of his hand and she kept reassuring me and soothing me and holding onto me and telling me it was OK, and he knew what he was doing."

Sheerine said she saw things she couldn't un-see, such as a little girl clutching to her mother with dust on her coat and hair.

Sheerine said she can't tell her family enough how much she loves them. She said, "I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to go home and to give them all hugs again and I know a lot of people aren't as fortunate so I feel very blessed and very lucky and I won't take it for granted."

Watch her full interview in the player above.
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