911 call of woman's abduction released

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Back in January, we told you about a brave young woman's escape from a kidnapper through a crafty conversation with a 9-1-1 operator. Now we're hearing that 9-1-1 call for the first time.

Dispatcher: "Is there somebody there that's not allowing you to talk or what?"
Victim: "Mmhmm yes."

It was a 911 call from a young woman kidnapped....

Victim: "No this place right here."
Dispatcher: "What's the name of the place?"
Victim: "Or the Drury Inn?"
Dispatcher: "Drury?"
Dispatcher: "You still on the freeway, yes or no?"
Victim: "No."
Dispatcher: "You on Highway 6?"
Victim: "Yes."

Now Asiuh Lizcano is recalling the scariest hour of her life.

"I was terrified, didn't know if police was going to catch us. I was going to live," Lizcano said.

Back in January, she got in the car with Christopher Niwoke headed to have breakfast. She says she knew Niwoke, but didn't expect him to turn on her.

"His direction changed and he said you're coming with me to Austin," she recalled.

She was trapped inside his Range Rover as he drove.

Though terrified, Lizcano made a smart move. She pretended to call a friend but she called 911.

Victim: "Hello"
Dispatcher: "Yes you still there?"
Victim: "Yes"
Dispatcher: "Is there a cop behind you?"
(Screaming in the background)
Dispatcher: "Can you go outside?"
Victim: "Yes I probably can but I don't want to get out; the police has his gun out."

That clever call worked.

Police caught up with Nwoke, and Lizcano was rescued. Her advice to other women?

"Be more vigilant. Be a queen," she said. null
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