Family of 4 left New Orleans 2 months ago to move to Houston. They haven't been heard from since.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Family of 4 missing for 2 months and counting after moving to Houston
As of Monday, the family, including two small daughters, left New Orleans 67 days ago. Since then, police say relatives in Louisiana and Texas haven't heard from them or seen them.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An entire family of four, including a wife, husband, and their two small children, have not been heard from since they left New Orleans on a bus two months ago to move to Houston, according to Louisiana police.

On Monday, the New Orleans Police Department released details about the disappearances of 27-year-old mother Steys Yanira David-Funez; 31-year-old father Ramon Ruiz Crisanto; and their two daughters, 4-year-old Jazzlyn Esther Ruiz David and 1-year-old Dara Ismeray Ruiz David.

Police said David-Funez's father reported them missing.

The departure

According to police, the maternal grandfather drove the family to the Greyhound bus station at 1001 Loyola Ave. in New Orleans on Nov. 30, 2023.

Police said they were told the family was moving to Houston, and David-Funez's father said he received a text message on the same date informing him that they arrived at their destination.

Lost contact

Police said things took a turn.

David-Funez's father reported that he tried to contact his daughter the same week of their arrival but she didn't reply.

Police said he then reached out to other relatives in Texas, who told him the family never arrived at their destination.

That led to several more tries at reaching out to the family, but they failed again.

As of Monday, the family left New Orleans 67 days ago.

Police said the family members are Hispanic. They provided photos of them but no descriptors.

If you have seen the family, New Orleans police are urging you to contact their Sixth District detectives at 504-658-6060.

Police are searching for a family of four that left New Orleans on a Greyhound bus to Houston, where they intended to settle.
New Orleans Police Dept.