New Jersey plumber staying in Houston to help make winter storm repairs

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A New Jersey plumber who packed up his family and drove to Houston to help is sticking around.

Andrew Mitchell said there's still such a need to make repairs, he and his family have decided to stay and continue volunteering.

Mitchell and his family packed up their truck and drove 22 hours to Houston last week to lend a hand.

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"He was really just like 'I feel like this is my calling, like, let's go,'" Mitchell's wife, Kisha Pinnock, said.

Mitchell and Pinnock, their 2-year-old son, Blake and his apprentice, Isaiah Pinnock, who happens to be Kisha's brother made the trip.

"So they were also saying there were no parts in Texas, absolutely none," Kisha added.

Since arriving in Houston, Mitchell and his apprentice have worked on homes and conducted Facetime consultations to those they can't get to.

While they originally planned to head back to New Jersey next week, after seeing how many people are still in need, they plan to stay longer.

"A few people have reached out to us that are going to be bringing us supplies and stuff like that to help keep the effort going," Isaiah Pinnock said. "We can't leave and not that we even want to leave. We're going to get everybody their water running."

They're doing the plumbing for free, but many of the Houston families they help have insisted on giving them money for gas. Some have even given them diapers for their 2-year-old son.
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