Sen. Ted Cruz calls for criminal investigation into highly debated Netflix's 'Cuties'

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Sunday, September 13, 2020
Sen. Cruz calls for criminal investigation into highly debated Netflix's 'Cuties'
Netflix's latest release has the internet in a heated debate about what is considered age-appropriate for young actors.

Netflix's highly-debated new film "Cuties" is now at the center of a criminal investigation, according to a letter penned to the Department of Justice by Senator Ted Cruz.

The film has recently drawn lots of attention after the promotional video was released.

Social media had split opinions on whether or not the scenes were age-appropriate for the young actors. Some went as far as saying they're ending their Netflix subscriptions, circulating the hashtag #CancelNetflix around Twitter.

Cruz calls for officials to investigate if the creators violated any federal laws in regards to the production and distribution of child pornography.

In the letter addressed to Attorney General Bill Barr, Sen. Cruz wrote:

"The film routinely fetishizes and sexualizes these pre-adolescent girls as they perform dances simulating sexual conduct in revealing clothing, including at least one scene with partial child nudity. These scenes in and of themselves are harmful. And it is likely that the filming of this movie created even more explicit and abusive scenes, and that pedophiles across the world in the future will manipulate and imitate this film in abusive ways.