NBA dancer chases down thief who stole her laptop at Starbucks

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An NBA dancer and a Good Samaritan chased after a laptop thief. (KTRK)

An NBA dancer made quick friends with the stranger who helped her chase down a thief trying to steal her laptop.

This happened at a Starbucks Monday night.

Hannie Dong says she was applying for tech jobs on her laptop when a woman came in, swiped the computer and took off running.

Dong chased after her along with another woman who saw the whole incident.

"I felt like I had superhuman strength. I've never run that fast in my life before," witness Misty Welborn said. "I just had her back. Whatever she was doing, I was doing with her."

Dong and Welborn followed the thief to a getaway car.

"She got in. I ripped the door back open and went in after her. And basically there's been some struggle," Dong told KGO. "I grab my laptop. She pulled my hair and I just try to get out of her grasp."

"They thought they had a weak victim, and she's a savage!" Welborn said.

Dong did get her laptop back, but police caution, you should never chase after a suspect yourself.
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