Tomball store puts new spin on antiquing with goats and quirky finds

TOMBALL, Texas (KTRK) -- When you walk into Nana's Main Street Cottage in Tomball, before you know it, you become a part of the family.

The furniture and antique store is run by three generations of the family, and like many stories, it all began with a wedding.

"We got married about seven years ago," laughed Darryl Romero. "We started taking all the furniture that we acquired from our past marriages."

Their homeowner's association wasn't a big fan of their daily garage sales, so in December 2015, the family started a new business.

The shop is located in historic Tomball on East Main Street, and visitors can buy items such as antique or hand-painted furniture, vintage items, unique collectibles, costume jewelry, and colorful yard art.

"We meet people from all over, and then we have repeat customers that come back with their family members," explained Romero's mother-in-law, who goes by the nickname 'Nana.'

Visitors can also pet goats during their visit, which has become a popular treat for children.

"They might be having a bad day and they'll come and speak with Nana," said Romero. "She'll speak with them for two or three or four hours. Then, they leave and they're so glad they came. That's what it's all about."

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