LOOK: Mom claims photo shows son's guardian angel

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Mom claims photo shows son's guardian angel
Boy with Down syndrome snaps mysterious image using mom's cell phone that appears to show his guardian angel.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Does this photo show AAsher Liles' guardian angel? It depends on who you ask. AAsher, 7, was born with Down syndrome and is nonverbal. His parents decided to spell his name with an extra "A" to reflect his extra chromosome and let the world know he is a special boy.

"He is a blessing we did not expect," said AAsher's mom, Kerri.

On Sunday, the Liles family was on a plane from Baltimore to Houston when Kerri gave AAsher her phone to play with during takeoff. Kerri, who is a professional photographer, said AAsher "has an obsession" with taking photos likely inspired by watching her at work. During the flight, Kerri said AAsher took about a few dozen photos.

Later that night, Kerri decided to delete her son's photos to give her phone some additional memory space, but she saw something in one of the photos that nearly took her breath away.

"I was like, 'wow' what is that," said Kerri.

One of the photos appeared to show an odd cloud formation shaped like a person with the arms open and extended out.

"It looked like Jesus the way the arms are, but it also looked like (it had) Ronald McDonald hair," said Kerri.

Kerri decided to post the image on her Facebook page to share the photo with her family and friends.

The response was overwhelmingly positive on Kerri's personal page so she decided to share it in the Talk of Alvin Facebook page.

"I thought it was cool and people might like it."

The response was mixed, but most people enjoyed the photo and their own interpretation of the image.

"I believe in angels. I believe in Jesus and (my son) captured something all on his own that belongs to him," said Kerri. "I've always believed that he has an angel watching over him and sometimes he points up at the ceiling. I think (the photo) is an angel's way of letting him know its going to be okay."