7 things you learn when you move to Texas

When you move to a new state, you expect some difference in culture. But when you first move to Texas, you might wonder why you didn't need a passport to come here. Texas culture is truly its own entity and there are more than a few things you notice when you make the move.

  1. "How are you?" just means "Hello!"
  2. Southern hospitality is real, and Texans have developed the most polite way to say, "Hello." They aren't actually asking how you are. If you respond with "Good, how about you?" they will already be several feet away and it'll just be weird.

  3. "Don't Mess with Texas" is more than just an anti-littering campaign
  4. Before it was a state, Texas was a republic and that "national" pride still stands. Texans are proud of Texas like those in other states are proud to be an American. Except it's like every day is the Fourth of July. Side note: Texans are also proud to be Americans and may be upset if the above sentences make it seem like that isn't true.

  5. Guns are casual
  6. If you grew up in other states, seeing a concealed weapon or so many gun stores can be alarming. After a while, you get used to and sometimes end up carrying your own.

  7. Cowboy boots are all-time wear
  8. Rainy day? Cowboy boots. Church? Cowboy boots. Football game? Cowboy boots. Beach day? Have fun getting sand out of your cowboy boots.

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  9. Chipotle isn't TexMex
  10. Neither is Moe's nor Taco Bell. TexMex is an amazing feat of cross-cultural cuisine, not 10 for $10 tacos.

  11. Mum isn't just what British people call their moms
  12. Imagine a corsage, but add ribbons, stuffed animals, pictures and they're huge. We're talking massive. High school students in Texas have developed a tradition of wearing elaborate, ever-larger floral pins to their homecoming dances.

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  13. Blue Bell is an institution around these parts
  14. Blue Bell is better than what other states think their ice cream is. You'll find yourself waiting for your favorite flavor to come back into rotation. Pass the Cookie Two-Step, please.
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