Drivers beware: These are Houston's 10 most stolen vehicles

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Thieves stole 713 vehicles in Houston last month, and their top pick remains the same.

If you drive a Chevrolet truck, be aware that this is routinely the top vehicle stolen in the area, according to Houston police.

Check out the top 10 vehicles thieves love below...

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Most of us leave valuables in our cars thinking, "It'll never happen to me." Here's why officers say you should think again.

HPD released a new list of the 10 most reported stolen vehicles each month, and in December 2016, not much has changed.

Top 10 stolen vehicles in Houston:
  1. Chevrolet trucks: 192
  2. Ford trucks: 164
  3. Dodge trucks: 76
  4. Honda cars: 71
  5. Toyota cars: 53
  6. Nissan cars: 42
  7. Chevrolet cars: 39
  8. GMC trucks: 34
  9. Ford cars: 22
  10. Dodge cars: 20

What to do if your car is stolen in Houston

If you suddenly can't find your car or truck, your first action is to call police.

Houston police said if the car is being stolen in front of you, call 911. But, if the vehicle is believed stolen after the fact, call the Teleserve Unit at 713-884-3131.

You will need your driver's license, VIN number, license plate number, a description of your vehicle, and any significant changes you've made to the vehicle, including custom wheels, tires, or accessories.

You should also gather any component parts you can identify by serial number or personal identification number.

You can read more details about getting help with your auto theft on the Houston Police website.
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