3 Houston-area counties among the top 10 most expensive to live in Texas, report says

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Sunday, May 21, 2023
Houston street ranks among 25 most expensive in America
Downtown Houston street ranks among 25 most expensive in America.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A new report explores just how pricey household bills are these days, and in Houston, it's not a pretty picture. Three local counties - Fort Bend, Waller, and Galveston - land among the top 10 most expensive in Texas, and Fort Bend landed in the top five at No. 3.

This, according to bill pay servicer Doxo, whose "DoxoInsights Explorer" calculates the average monthly payments for 10 of the most common household bills - mortgage, rent, auto loan, utilities, auto insurance, mobile phone, health insurance, cable and satellite, life insurance, and alarm and security - and compares them to the national average.

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According to the website,the average household inNo. 3-ranked Fort Bend County pays $2,648 in monthly bills, which comes out to $31,771 a year. When compared to the national average, which is $24,552 a year, the Collin County household is paying $7,215 more per year, or 29 percent more. (Find the monthly bill breakdown here.)

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